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Welcome to the Revanchers. A PS3 RP League on DCUO

How shall a man escape from that which is written; How shall he flee from his destiny?

That is the question asked of every Revancher as we wake each new day.

How do we change the future that has been glimpsed?

By whom you ask? Booster Gold.

That name ring any bells? Yeah, he's a joke of a hero more concerned about his own fame than actually helping people. Well the one I met was different.



Scarred by the future he recently saw.

In that future machines controlled by Brainiac ruled over earth and its people...well the ones who were left.

No, this isn't some kid's little sci-fi fanfiction act. This really happened...well it's going to happen. But not if we can help it. The Revanchers are a small group of people with the knowledge of the future and from it, an unwavering goal of changing it.

No matter the cost.

"How shall a man escape from that which is written; How shall he flee from his destiny?

The answer is unclear but with every last breath in our bodies we will try to discover it.


For more information on the group, including how to seek membership check out the information thread in the forum.

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Actively seeking members of the Revanchers. See the recruitment forum for more information.
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